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Book Riot’s Best Books of 2012

Book Riot is a stylishly hip website dedicated to reviewing and discussing books and all things connected to books. Their tagline, “always books. Never boring” sums up the general tone of the website–a mixture of humor, a bit of boisterous swagger, and a love for all things literary. Each week, they feature an article aptly named, “buy, borrow, bypass” in which–you guessed it–they suggest which recently published books you should purchase, borrow (Mill Valley Library plug!), or skip. Book Rioters write about anything and everything that they find interesting, so you get quite an eclectic, albeit sometimes random, mix. You never know what you’ll get at Book Riot, which makes stopping by on occasion all the more fun.

Check out Book Riot’s Best Books of 2012 list, with some surprisingly different choices from other Best Books of 2012 lists out there.

~Ali B.

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