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First Thursday: From Streets to the Screen

From the dancehalls of Jamaica and the South Bronx to the nightclubs of London and the streets of Manchester, filmmaker Dan Bruun will discuss how he uses the camera to expose lesser-known cultures of cities around the world. Bruun will show clips from his films, talk about the challenges and rewards of immersing himself in a different culture, and relay stories of his time in “underground” scenes all over the world.

His passion for the culture of Jamaica and it’s music led him to chronicle the South Bronx reggae and dancehall scene in his film Temporary Sanity. The film delves into the Jamaican dance music culture in New York City and the life of the versatile disc jockey Skerrit Bwoy. The film has won international recognition amongst dance enthusiasts and filmmakers and been screened at film festivals and cultural events world wide.

In addition to his documentary films, Bruun has directed music videos for reggae artists Elephant Man, Burro Banton, and Chezidek and taught documentary filmmaking in Nicaragua. His films have been shown at film festivals around the world including the Royal Anthropology Institute in London, the Rome Independent Film Festival, and the International Congress Film Festival in China.

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