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One Book One Marin 2013 Begins!

Greetings lovely readers. On Wednesday evening at 1900, Marin county in conjunction with Dominican University and Book Passage kicked off the launch of this year’s One Book One Marin Program. Mary Roach was present for the launch party, and judging from the number of guffaws from the audience,  she was quite a hit. She also had a fantastically funny and gracious guest, astronaut Rusty Schweickart, a member of the Apollo 9 Space Mission. So, more about One Book One Marin 2013:

The mission: to read Mary Roach’s delightfully scatological non-fiction book, Packing for Mars: the Curious Life of Science in the Void. Then attend events at other libraries, read this blog, and talk to others in the county about it!

The time frame: from now until April 18th, 2013.

There will be a wonderful culminating celebration at Dominican University’s Angelico Hall on April 18th at 7pm, where Mary Roach will discuss the book with KQED’s Michael Krasny.

The goodies: all kinds of fun events–from lectures given by a former astronaut and the NASA Ames Research center to book discussions to exhibits of real space memorabilia. There’s a bunch of fantastic programming, so check out the One Book One Marin website for more details. And of course, please do follow and comment on this lovely blog! We’ll be writing one blog entry each week (or so) with thoughts, commentary, and other interesting tid-bits that relate to the book.

Happy reading!

~Ali B.

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