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One Book One Marin: Packing For Mars Ch. 6–Spilling Your Guts

Packingformarscover Whew, what a chapter! Ms. Roach spares almost nothing as she covers the gag-inducing subject of vomiting. Several less-squeamish things we’ve learned from the chapter:

* Motion sickness is caused by sensory conflict: conflicting signals between your inner ear (which detects the motion) and your brain (which, when glancing at a stable sight, does not). (p.111)

*A major clue to uncovering how motion sickness works was discovered in 1896 when a group of  “deaf-mutes” aboard a ship in heavily turbulent waters showed no signs of sea sickness. This caused Mr. Minor (a physician) to postulate that motion sickness might have a connection with the vestibular (inner ear) system. (Roach, p.123)

*It might not be so bad to own a guinea pig or a rabbit, especially if you’re a sailor. Apparently, they “are thought to be immune to motion sickness.” (Roach, p.121) Poor little buggers never get enough credit, do they?

For an unrelated but rather short and fun video, check out a Canadian astronaut‘s response to “does food taste different in space?” (Thanks to our YA Librarian, Katie, for discovering this one.)



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