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One Book One Marin- Packing for Mars Chapter 8: Animals in Space

Packingformarscover I can’t say I really enjoyed this last chapter detailing various space programs and their uses of chimps or dogs in space. I know I’m a softy when it comes to animals, but it makes me pretty uneasy thinking about the testing and the foreign situations these guys must’ve been exposed to, and how utterly incomprehensible the situation must seem. I’m one of those people who tries to “explain” to my pet what’s going on when I take him to the vet…which must seem ridiculous to those of you with tougher skin, but it’s who I am. So, looking up pictures of Ham and Enos and Laika just sort of hit me in the gut. Maybe they loved it. Maybe they could care less. But have a look at a few of these photos and just try not to feel (or anthropomorphize, if you’re the scientific type) the confusion, loneliness, or anxiety that they might have felt…1961LC 0210.JPG

The above picture is from a cover of Time Life Magazine.

monkey reaching for man

   Above, a monkey (not identified as Ham) is strapped into a test couch in preparation for Ham’s 1961 flight.  Both the above and below pictures are from Time Life Magazine.

monkey holds out hand

An unidentified chimp holding onto a scientist’s coat, 1960.

little monkey

The Atlantic ran a brief, sad article on the “minor shocks” that Enos endured during his mission.

For more photos, head here. I’m not sure what else to say.

~Ali B.

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