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Fashion . . . a 4th grader wants books about fashion

Earlier this week I was doing a PeRL with a fourth grader–she’s not a big reader but has a lot of opinions about books. Chapter books are not very interesting and she doesn’t like Babymouse, but she likes books about fashion.

I immediately knew that I would need to focus on nonfiction and look beyond the Children’s Room.

Two books from the adult collection:style-yourself

Style yourself : inspired advice from the world’s top fashion bloggers

Photos, ‘how to’ and fundamentally accessible ideas about fashion.

What to wear, where : the how-to handbook for any style situation

Again, photos, ‘how to’ and accessible ideas.


From the Children’s Room:

Passion for fashion : careers in style by Jeanne Bleker

A different kind of ‘how to’!

Dangles and bangles : 25 funky projects to make and wear by Shari and Michelle Haab

Again, a different kind of ‘how to’. She didn’t indicate that she wanted to be crafty, but it seems reasonable that she’ll be interested in further personalizing what she wears.


From other libraries

While the Mill Valley Library has a wonderfully large selection of books, all Marin County library patrons can also take advantage of the collections at the other county libraries. Based on that, I would also recommend:

The look book : 50 iconic beauties and how to achieve their signature styles


Available in the YA collections at a couple of Marin libraries, this book is really great. It provides an education about fashion history since it talks about fifty different women, what they did, what they looked like, what was happening at fashion and in the world at the time that they were most influential. It also provides directions for mimicking their looks, and learning to mimic is a great first step for toward finding your own style and taste.

It feels a little wrong to give back a PeRL without at least some fiction on it. There are a lot of books for slightly older kids where fashion is important, but while I’m willing to go outside age limits for nonfiction, I’m more hesitant with suggesting that fourth graders read fiction that was written for eighth graders. Of course it is always fine for them to read outside their age level, but I don’t like to recommend books too far outside their age, especially about things like looks, fashion, popularity . . . So here’s what I’ve found so far:

imagesMiss Popularity by Francesco Sedita

Cassie Knight is bubbly, stylish and super-friendly, the fashion queen at her Texas school. When her family moves to Maine, Cassie’s in for a huge culture shock.


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