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Dogs, Dinosaurs and Domes: New Books for Younger Readers

DoggoneFeetDoggone Feet! by Leslie Helakoski
From a dog’s point of view, people are all just legs and feet. This dog calls her owner Legs and life is just grand. But then new feet enter the picture – a wife for the young man – and the dog does not like these new feet! As the dog’s family grows, more and more feet crowd out the dog, but it’s not all bad. Sometimes, yes sometimes, the new wife will scratch the dog’s belly with her toes or the new baby will drop food on the floor, and maybe all these new feet are not so terrible after all. Anyone who had a dog before having kids will relate to the plight and delight of this increasingly neglected (and well fed!) dog. (Age 3 – 6)

How_to_be_a_CatHow to be a Cat by Nikki McClure
In this lovely new picture book, Small Cat mimics Big Cat as he learns to stretch, stalk and pounce, and to tumble, lick and dream. The use of just one word on each page effectively shows Small Cat’s straightforward world. The largely black and white cut paper artwork pairs beautifully with each word, so that the Listen page shows the cats’ ears and a little songbird, and Explore has Small Cat following a blue butterfly down the garden steps. Even babies will be drawn to the black and white imagery, and older children will delight in Small Cat’s small adventure. (Age 6 months to 5 years)

GoldenDomesGolden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors by Hena Kahn, illustrated by Mehrdokht Amim
This color concept book introduces young children to the beauty of the Muslim world. The rhyming text is simple and direct: “Blue is the hajib Mom likes to wear. It’s a scarf she uses to cover her hair.” It is both informative and accessible to young children who are unfamiliar with Muslim traditions. A glossary with pronunciations at the back of the book provides a little more information for the curious. The richly drawn pages use strong color elements to show contemporary Muslims in their homes and religious spaces. (Ages 3 – 7)

BinkGollieBink & Gollie, Best Friends Forever by Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee illustrated by Tony Fucile
Tall Gollie and little Bink roller skate their way through three new stories in Best Friends Forever. In the first chapter, Gollie decides to be a queen, and Bink is decidedly unimpressed. Later, Bink, unhappy with her short stature, purchases the promising and astoundingly complicated Stretch-O-Matic and hopes for dramatic results. Finally, in Kudos Bink & Gollie, both friends attempt to amass a collection large enough to get their picture into Flicker’s Arcana, their book of the extraordinary. Each chapter includes excellent vocabulary words and fun and relatable stories of friendship. This is a welcome sequel to the Geisel award-winning Bink & Gollie series. (Grades K – 3)

DinoBitesDino Bites! by Algy Craig Hall
A T-Rex is looking for lunch and spies a medium-sized dinosaur. But that dino is looking for a snack and sees a smaller dinosaur, who is looking for a bite to eat and spots a bug. So one eats the other, which eats the next, until everyone is full and most are in someone else’s tummy. But then the bite buzzed, and the snack hopped, and the lunch wriggled, the big dinosaur has ends the book in a way that kids will find absolutely hilarious. Using just a few words, Hall has crafted a crowd-pleasing dinosaur tale. (Age 3 – 5)


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