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Dancing, Counting, and Busy-Busy Animals: New Books for Younger Children


BoomBoom! by Mary Lyn Ray
Rosie is a small dog who is very brave. She’s not afraid of garbage collectors, fire fighters, sirens, vacuums, or taking a bath. Then, BOOM! As soon as a storm begins and the thunder sounds, Rosie heads for cover. Nothing soothes her, not even a dog biscuit. Rosie’s boy tries everything, but the only thing that helps is when he takes her in his arms and waits for the storm to pass. When the skies clear and the thunder stops, Rosie is brave once more! Vivid full page illustrations with a retro feel and wonderful expressions on little Rosie convey her bravery and her fears throughout the book. (ages 3-7)

busybusyBusy-Busy Little Chick by Janice N. Harrington, illustrated by Brian Pinkney
Based on a Central African fable, this story has strong roots in oral tradition. Onomatopoetic words like peo-peo, pruck-pruck, and tee-tee-tee enrich the story of the Busy-Busy Little Chick. When the chick’s nest becomes too small for the family, Mama Nsoso decides they will build an ilombe, a new house. She’ll do it tomorrow, not today, because today she and her little chicks will eat big fat worms, “cricky-cracky” crickets, or “picky-pecky” corn. Luckily, she has little chick who takes it upon himself to build their new home. Pinkney’s vivid illustrations with loose lines and lots of movement combined with the onomatopoeia throughout bring this Central African fable to life. (ages 4-8)

GiantDancePartyGiant Dance Partyby Betsy Bird and Brandon Dorman
Lexy, who loves to dance more than anything else, quits her class because she does not like performing in front of people. She freezes like an Ice Pop. She tries everything to overcome her fear of performing, but nothing works. Then she comes up with the perfect plan: she’ll be a dance teacher. Teachers never have to perform! She post signs for dance lessons all over the neighborhood, and waits for her students. Nothing, until one Saturday when five furry blue giants arrive to learn to dance. Lexy’s not sure about those five friendly giants, but she decides to go for it, and teaches them all sorts of dances. They practice, they study, and soon they are ready for a recital – can they do it? Will Lexy join them? Those lovable furry giants will captivate readers, and your child will want to have a dance party, too (blue furry giants invited)! (ages 3-8)

countthemonkeysCount the Monkeys by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Kevin Cornell
Hey kids! Time to count the monkeys! And, a few other things along the way like mongooses (or is that mongeese?), crocodiles, bees, beekeepers and lumberjacks to name a few. While young readers count, they can do some fun and goofy things, too. They can move their hands in a zigzag to confuse the crocodiles, hum a happy tune and smile while turning the page, close their eyes, and even say “thank you” six times. Fun and interactive, this is a fantastic read aloud for kids learning to count. I can’t wait to read it at my preschool story time!  (ages 3-6)


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