Instructions for Overdrive

Overdrivelogo*These are general guidelines. If you have trouble, you can call the reference desk at (415) 389-4292 x3 and ask about our Book a Librarian service, check out Overdrive’s help page ( or come into the library for our Fear-Not Fridays, every Friday from 4-5pm in the Creekside Room.*

You Will Need: Your library card #, your pin # for your library card, and Adobe Digital Editions (instructions below) unless using Kindle.

For First-Time Users:

Kindle users: if you are using something other than a Kindle Fire, click here for instructions.

  1. Start at the Overdrive website:
  2. Download the appropriate Overdrive Media Console app for your specific device. Open the app and follow the prompts.
  3. Create an Overdrive account. Your Overdrive account lets you sync your activity across multiple devices, and to authorize Adobe Digital Editions if you’re going to download ebooks to your Mac or PC computer.
  4. Follow the prompts in the verification email you receive to complete the process. **Note: the Overdrive Account does not replace your library card and pin #, you will still need those two pieces of info to checkout and download ebooks and eaudiobooks.**
  5. In the Overdrive app and depending on your device, either swipe from left to right across your screen or choose Menu.
  6. Choose Get Books, then select Add a Library.
  7. Search for Mill Valley Public Library and select MARINet. **Tap the star once to remember this selection. The star should turn yellow.)**
  8. Click on MARINet and you’ll be taken to our ebook collection.
  9. You may continue to search through the Overdrive app, or you can search and check out directly through the library catalog.

For Returning Users Who Have Installed the Overdrive Media Console:

Search and checkout via the Overdrive App:

  1. Open the Overdrive App.
  2. Find the main Menu (by swiping the screen from left to right if you’re using a portable device) and select Get Books.
  3. Click on MARINet.
  4. You’re now in our Overdrive eBook database. Find a book that you want and check it out with your library card # and pin #.
  5. Choose the Download button next to the book and select the correct version for your device.
  6. Click on Confirm & Download. The book will be sent to your Overdrive book shelf–simply tap on the cover of the book to start reading!


If you would like to sync your Overdrive ebook content to more than 1 device, follow the instructions for syncing here.