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Mill Valley Historical Society 1983 Spring Review

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  • Mill Valley Historical Society 1983 Spring Review

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Mill Valley Historical Society 1983 Spring Review


103 East Blithedale
110 East Blithedale
124 East Blithedale
197 East Blithedale
22 Sycamore
220 East Blithedale
228 East Blithedale
231-235 East Blithedale
243 East Blithedale
247 East Blithedale
25 East Blithedale
25 Sycamore
255 East Blithedale
26 Sycamore
263 East Blithedale
30 Sycamore
32 Millwood
35 Sycamore
37 Sycamore
44 East Blithedale
45 Sycamore
51 Catalpa
57 Park
78 East Blithedale
Accurate TV
Allen, Walter
Arnette's Upholstery
Associated service station
Auto dealerships
Bagshaw, Fred W.
Bennett, Fred
Blythedale Hotel
Boussy, Henri
Budar, Kate
Canyon Road
Cardoza, Manuel
Chevron service station
Corte Madera Avenue
Costa's Creamery
Creighton, Jack
Cushing, Dr.
Cypress Knoll
Electric lighting
Eveready Garage
Flatiron building
Goddard, Lorraine
Grant, George and Honor
Hansen Saloon
Harris, Phil
Hartman, Dr. Rodney
Italian origin
Krausegill, Phillip
Krausegill, Walter
Lyon and Hoag
Marigold Dress Shop
Mobile Oil station
Muller, Mrs. William
Nicholson, John
North Pacific Railroad
O'Brien, Peter
Old Country Road
Oppenheimer, Gus
Organic Hair Care
Outdoor Art Club
Paloma Market
Park School
Photo: Advertisement for Tamalpais Park
Photo: Boyle house, Cypress Knoll, stands alone
Photo: Boyle Park baseball diamond in 1912
Photo: Carmelita Natividad Garcia Boyle
Photo: Hilaria Sanchez Reed Garcia, c.1863
Photo: Hugh Boyle
Photo: James McDonald, first marshall, astride his strawberry mare
Photo: Newspaper article on Ducks and Hens, September 26, 1900
Photo: Original Tamalpais Park School, 1910
Photo: Overlooking Mill Valley to schooners in Richardson Bay, 1890's
Photo: Two story house at corner of Dell St. and East Blithedale Ave. c.1890
Photo: View of marsh below Locust Avenue, c.1930
Photo: Weekend train arrivals strolling Miller at Throckmorton, c. 1915
Reed Garcia, Hilaria Sanchez
Reed, John
Roux, George
Scout Hall
Sequoia Tavern
Seymour, Kent
Shallock, Art
Shell service station
Signal Oil Company
Sollom, Mrs. Oliver
Summit School closing
Sycamore Shopping Center
Sycamore Village
Tamalpais Park
Tamalpais Park School
The Louvre
Tiburon Wye
Varney, Tony
Watson saloon
West Blythedale
West Cottage
Westleader, Ken
Wisler, Russell


Mill Valley Historical Society


Lucretia Hanson Little History Room, Mill Valley Public Library




Mill Valley Historical Society


Physical rights of the items in this collection are retained by the Mill Valley Public Library, Lucretia Little History Room, or are protected by copyright. Use of this item requires permission from the Mill Valley Public Library, Lucretia Little History Room.





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Mill Valley Historical Society, "Mill Valley Historical Society 1983 Spring Review," in Lucretia Hanson Little History Room, Item #91, (accessed December 16, 2017).

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