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Mill Valley Historical Society 1985 Spring Review

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  • Mill Valley Historical Society 1985 Spring Review

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Mill Valley Historical Society 1985 Spring Review


130 Cascade Drive
146 Cascade Drive
175 Cascade Drive
276 Cascade Ave
414 Throckmorton Avenue
448 Throckmorton Avenue
465 Throckmorton Avenue (Gustav Marcus home)
510 Throckmorton Avenue
616 Throckmorton Avenue
A.M. Mercantile Association
Banya banya tree
Belvedere Reservoir
Blue mud baths
Blue stone quarry
Bork, David
Boussy, Henri
Burlwood at 565 Throckmorton
California Alpine Club
Coleman, Bill
Cotate Indians
Crawford, Eugene
Deedy, Dan
Dipsea steps
Dowd's stables
Dreyfus, Babbie
East Peak
Eastland, Joseph Green
Eastland, Joseph Green
Elloesser, Arthur
Elloesser, Dr. Leo
Episcopal nuns
Falch, Otto Emil
Falch, Walter
Freitas, Tony
Frickie, James
Garcia, Bernardino
Gardner Villa
Giesecke, Albert
Hartmann, Frauli\ein
Here Today architecture collection
Heuter, E.L.
Hiking in Marin map folder
Joe's Place
King's Castle at 146 Cascade
Klyce, Albert
Lethbridge, Bob
Marcus, Gustav
Mayer, Carl
McCollum Fishing and Trading Company
McCollum, Christy
Meyer, J.F.
Michaelestsky, Anton
Michels, Edward
Mill Valley Reservoir
Monte Vista Hotel
Mountain Home Inn
Muir Beach
Murphy, Captain Timothy
Northwestern Pacific ferry
Office of Price Administration
O'Hanlon, Richard and Ann
Old Mill
Old Mill Park
O'Shaughnessy, Michael
Paulist, Bob
Payne, Marie
Photo: 510 Throckmorton built in 1890's
Photo: Albert Giesecke raises a flage atop Mt. Tamalpi\ais with Ernest Heuter, Sr., Mr. Otto, and Fred and Charles Runyon, June 21, 1891
Photo: Babbie Dreyfus
Photo: Breidablik at 175 Cascade Drive
Photo: Camping at Mr. Schmidt's, sepia print
Photo: Cascade Canyon
Photo: Cascade Canyon giant bay tree
Photo: Cascade Dam and Reservoir built 1889
Photo: Cascade Lane steps (part of the Dipsea)
Photo: Damsel and donkey ready to climb Mt. Tamalpais, 1893
Photo: Dining al fresco at the Kenilworth Hotel, c.1880
Photo: Early camp scene shows John Spottiswood, Daniel O'Connell, and Roger Magee
Photo: Eastland's Burlwood at 565 Throckmorton
Photo: Eloesser home at 471 Throckmorton Av
Photo: Enlarged section of 1945 map showing the Pipeline Trail, by W.E. Jeffers
Photo: Falch home at 448 Throckmorton Av
Photo: Harvey Klyce home at 501 Throckmorton
Photo: Heading down to Muir Woods through the Mine Ridge Cut, c.1915
Photo: Hikers on the Trestle, 1918
Photo: In Cascade Canyon, rustic style décor popular at the turn of the century, built by the Outdoor Art Club
Photo: John Joseph Reed and Hugh Boyle
Photo: John Joseph Reed 's Rancho Corte Madera del Presidio, c.1884
Photo: John Reed's first adobe at La Goma and Locke Lane
Photo: Kingswell house at 418 Throckmorton Av
Photo: Lindquist Family pose by the Old Mill, 1890
Photo: Lindquist family resting by Three Wells, 1890
Photo: Maria Inez Reed, Barbara Sibrian, Hilarita Reed and Carmelita Natividad Garcia, c.1859
Photo: Mayer home at 130 Cascade Drive
Photo: Mayer home garden at 130 Cascade Drive, Carl Mayer and nephew, Albert Giesecke
Photo: Michaelestsky house at 146 Cascade Drive
Photo: Miss Marie Payne in Cascade Canyon, June 1900
Photo: Mountain Home Inn
Photo: Poster of Mill Valley Burro Co.
Photo: Throckmorton Avenue past Josephine
Pipe Line Trail
Polk, Willis
Rancho Corte Madera del Presidio
Rancho Corte Madera del Presidio
Rancho Saucelito
Rancho Saucelito
Reed, Clotilde
Reed, Hilarita
Reed, John
Reed, John Joseph
Reed, John Thomas
Reed, Maria Inez
Reed, Ricardo
Richardson, Captain William
Richardson, Captain William
Runyon, Charles
San Francisco Finance Company
Sanchez, Hilaria
Sanchez, Jose Antonio
Sandrock, Fred
Schoening, Walter
Sharpe, Fanny
Sharpe, Violet
Skinner, Nancy
Sliney, Edgar
Stanford, Jerome
Staples, Captain Melvin
Steele, Ernest
Swiss Club Tell
Tamalpais Land and Water Company
Tavern of Tamalpais
The Emporium
The Orchard at 440 Throckmorton
Throckmorton, Samuel
Throckmorton, Samuel P.
Throckmorton, Suzanna
Waldruh (Forest Repose) at 465 Throckmorton
Washington, Benjamin
Weekend warriors
Widow Reed Creek
Widow Reed Creek
Yvetot at 277 Cascade


Mill Valley Historical Society


Lucretia Hanson Little History Room, Mill Valley Public Library




Mill Valley Historical Society


Physical rights of the items in this collection are retained by the Mill Valley Public Library, Lucretia Little History Room, or are protected by copyright. Use of this item requires permission from the Mill Valley Public Library, Lucretia Little History Room.





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Mill Valley Historical Society, "Mill Valley Historical Society 1985 Spring Review," in Lucretia Hanson Little History Room, Item #93, (accessed December 16, 2017).

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