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History and Genealogy

American History Online (Access inside library. Access outside library.)

This database is a useful research tool for anyone looking to learn more about American history. It includes biographies, timelines, primary sources, images and videos, maps and charts, and information on a wide range of events in U.S. history. (Access inside library only.)

Have you ever wanted to learn more about your family or where you came from? is an extensive database that includes immigration, birth, death, and census records that can help you track your family tree back generations.

Ancient and Medieval History (Access inside library. Access outside library.)

This resource provides information on Mesopotamia, ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, ancient and medieval Africa, medieval Europe, Asia, and more. This is a useful site for anyone doing a research project on the ancient or medieval world as well as for history buffs who just want to explore on their own.

Dictionary of American History

This classic reference source features thousands of entries on a wide range of topics in American history, from precolonial days to 2003. This is a useful resource for anybody studying for the AP US History exam as well as for writing any US history research papers.

HeritageQuest  (Access inside library. Access outside library.)

Heritage Quest is a comprehensive treasury of American genealogical sources—rich in unique primary sources, local and family histories, and finding aids.

The Ancient World 

This site explores the history and civilizations of the ancient world from prehistory to approximately 1000 C.E. Entries cover the social, political, scientific and technological, economic, and cultural events and developments that shaped the ancient world in all areas of the globe.

Fashion, Costume, and Culture

This database provides a broad overview of costume traditions of diverse cultures from prehistoric times to the present day. It examines more than 430 items of human decoration and adornment, ranging from togas to turbans, necklaces to tennis shoes as well as how and why items were created, the people who made them, and their uses.

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