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Jobs and Career

Brainfuse/Adult Learning Center (Access inside library. Access outside library.)

Brainfuse offers help with resumes, reading and writing skills, GED prep, Microsoft Office, US Citizenship Testing, and career resources. Offers online resources and online live help.

Choosing a Career

This database provides information on on career choice, including whether or not career planning is useful, whether raising compulsory high school attendance ages will reduce dropout rates, and whether college is for everyone.

Readymade Job Search Letters

Readymade offers essential tips and guidelines as well as a wide selection of letters and emails that can be adapted for individual use. This includes advice on style, presentation, the best words to use, common mistakes to avoid and writing effective email job applications.

Successful Interviewing

Need help preparing for a job interview? This site examines successful interviewing skills and explains how to structure the interview, spot exceptional candidates and hire only the best who will add value to your business. It also explores which questions to ask as well as which questions not to ask.

Ultimate Aptitude Tests

This site includes verbal, numerical, perceptual and practical tests as well as those testing specific aptitudes such as memory and dexterity. It also covers personality and motivational tests, which assess leadership, management and social awareness aptitudes.

Ultimate Job Search

Ultimate Job Search contains skills and techniques for job hunting and includes advice on networking, CVs, cover letters, interviews, aptitude and personality tests, offers, rejections and follow-up letters.

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