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Board Game Night board games and socialize with friends. We’ll have new and old favorites like Settlers of Catan, Twister, Ticket to Ride, and Superfight! Sweet and salty snacks will be provided. If this proves popular, we could make it a regular event.

For high school students only. No registration required.


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Check Out a GoPro and More!

iconsukuleleDo you want to learn to play the ukulele or bongo drums? Try sewing or weaving? Or investigate with a telescope or a microscope? Maybe you’ve been itching to try out a GoPro camera, or Arduino or Makey Makey? Check out our new Take It Make It Experience Kits and get started on a whole new experience of creating, designing, making, or producing. Each kit contains everything you need to embark on something new.

goproThe maker movement is about experimentation and tinkering, and the Library will provide a small collection to help you get involved.

Musical instruments: Ukulele, Bongo Drums
Science equipment: Orion Telescope, Microscope
Technology: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Makey Makey, GoPro Camera
Fiber arts: Weaving Loom, Sewing Machine

makeyClick here for details on how to check out these new kits.

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College Essay Workshop

blogging-15968_960_720Demystifying the College Essay: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Learn how to write the College Application Essay. Expert Ellen White will go over all the basics for UC and Common Application prompts and talk about how you can find your voice as both student and individual. Learn why the essay is so important and how to discover your own approach to telling your personal stories. Your experiences are unique to you, so come find out how to feel more organized and get ready to start writing.

Tuesday, September 13, 7:00-8:30pm.

Creekside Room, Mill Valley Public Library

For high school students only. Advance registration required. Click here to sign up.

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Apply for the Teen Advisory Board

Do you love the Library? Do you wish there were more interesting things for high school students to do in Marin? Do you want a say in what materials, programs, and services the Library offers? Well, you’re in luck.gavel

What does being on the TAB entail?

  • A monthly meeting, beginning in September
  • A minimum 9-month commitment
  • Having a significant influence over what young adult programming happens at the Library
  • Getting leadership experience (which also happens to look good on things like college applications)
  • Promoting Library programs and services
  • Being awesome
  • Meeting volunteer requirements (if you have them)
  • Contributing to the Mill Valley community and expanding resources for teens all over Marin County

Applicants must be high school students

Click here to apply

The first meeting of the The Board will take place in the Creekside Room on September 29, at 7 PM.

Meetings will take place monthly, usually on the third Thursday of the month.

Do you have what it takes to be a TAB Officer? Apply here to be Co-Chair, Publicity Lead, or Secretary. Preference will be given to high school seniors who have served on TAB for one year.

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End of Summer Party

BT3End of Summer Party | Monday August 15, 7PM

Have one last summer hurrah with free Sol Food, live music, and more at the End of Summer Party in the Amphitheater. We’ll draw raffle prizes for some lucky summer reading participants and listen to great music. You don’t need to attend the party to win…but we’d love to see you there!

It’s a fantastic chance to socialize with friends you’ve missed this summer!

Registration recommended. Click here to register.


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Teen Summer Events at the Library

So much is happening at the library this summer!

book_tac_toe_web_square_artBook-Tac-Toe Summer Reading Program | June 10 – August 15
Read books and win prizes in our Book-Tac-Toe Summer Reading Program. Select which books you’d like to read from the given categories and you’ll be entered to win prizes for each book you finish. Earn another raffle ticket when you make three in a row: Book-Tac-Toe! Registration required. Click here to register. Come in to pick up a reading log, or log your books online (coming soon).

guardiansMovie and Pizza | Thursday June 16, 7PM

It’s officially summer and time to relax! Kick off the season with free pizza and screening of the hilarious film, Guardians of the Galaxy. Creekside Room. Registration recommended. Click here to register.


chirstmas_treats_3_by_retoucher07030Sweet Treats | Thursday July 21, 7PM

A wise person once said, “Life is short. Eat dessert first.” Suzanne Griffin, certified personal chef and cooking instructor, returns to teach us how to make (and eat!) delicious delights. Creekside Room. Registration required. Click here to register.


Totes | Thursday August 4, 7PM

In this hand-sewing workshop you’ll learn how to customize a plain bag into a unique tote that is perfect for the beach or for carrying books. All materials provided. Creekside Room. Registration required. Click here to register.

BT3End of Summer Party | Monday August 15, 7PM

Have one last summer hurrah with free Sol Food, live music, and more at the End of Summer Party in the Amphitheater. We’ll draw raffle prizes for some lucky summer reading participants and listen to great music. You don’t need to attend the party to win…but we’d love to see you there! Registration recommended. Click here to register.

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Pictures: Teen Poetry Slam 2016

Thanks to everyone who made the 2016 Teen Poetry Slam a success! Special gratitude to Jazz Hudson–our brilliant emcee–as well as Tim Floreen, Shane Curtin, and Lalé Shafagi for bravely agreeing to the impossible task of judging these talented poets.

Most most most of all, I am so awed, inspired, and grateful for the bravery of our high school poets who made the evening absolutely unforgettable! Thank you!!

Video of the Competition to come. FGF_7118FGF_7115FGF_7114 alex_fave_FGF_7228 alex_FGF_7288 Alex_FGF_7289 ali_FGF_7319 Ali_J_FGF_7141ben_FGF_7175 ben_FGF_7183 emma_FGF_7215 emma_FGF_7223 jessie_performFGF_7210 judges_FGF_7097 judges_FGF_7234 katiejazz_FGF_7281 Megan_FGF_7302 megan_FGF_7304 Olivia_FGF_7198 olivia_FGF_7282maxine_FGF_7163maxine_FGF_7167 FGF_7131stephanie_FGF_7380sit smile_FGF_7102winpeace_FGF_7379group_FGF_7257emma and jessieFGF_7244clappy_clap_FGF_7225crowd_FGF_7352jessieandalexFGF_7381fans_FGF_7095fans_2_FGF_7092 emmapals_FGF_7245timandoliviaFGF_7391

all photos by Frank Fennema Photography

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MyCast: Your Story, Your Voice, Your Podcast

What’s your story?mycast2_web_banner

The radio show is making a comeback with the increasing popularity of podcasts like Serial, Radiolab, and Welcome to Night Vale. Thanks to a grant from the California Library Association, the Mill Valley Library was able to offer high school students the opportunity to create their own podcasts.

Students wrote and recorded podcast episodes on a wide range of subjects. MyCast episodes feature student-written fiction, interviews, opinion and reported pieces, and much more. Take a listen to some of these engaging episodes and let us know what you think!


 Listen to the MyCast episodes  here or below

TABcast by the Teen Advisory Board

Brains – Eat or be Eaten by Charlotte, Emma, and Cooper

The Burning Sanders Extravaganza by David H. and Imran K.

Fill in the Blank – Food: Day 1 by Pim and Sarah

deBAIT – Moon Landings

Hermit Tales by Cooper L.

deBAIT podcast

Rambles with Derrick J.

Kids – Isabella’s Poetry Podcast by Isabella V.

The Last Girl on Earth by Ariana Agnew

Athena as a Feminist Icon by Vicens

A Play of Performers and a Performance of Players by Anne P.

“Rocky Horror” interview by Fiona B.

How to Prepare for Winter by Weston D.



Read the Mill Valley Patch’s article about MyCast here.

The Mill Valley Library is located at 375 Throckmorton Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941

Contact the Young Adult Librarian at 415-389-4292 x 4727

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Urban Introspections by Maxine Flasher-Duzgunes

There is no difference between compassion and rejection. I learn strategically, crossing the street with the rest of them, when the red hand goes up. I was on 17th and Mission, where the bagels smell like shades of memories—warm, uninterrupted—and the people smell, well, like people. We had to wait for a right turn because a one legged man wouldn’t smile and say, “Go ahead”. We had to cover our heads when we walked under a scaffolded building because we were afraid the nails might rain down. Then again, I guess it was just me that was afraid.

We were parked 3 blocks from the studio, and I was confused when the homeless man yelled “pity” at my shoes. My mother passed a drunken man, when she was alone. He was smiling, the euphoric kind, where the lips are too damn high just to say they’re “happy”. I wondered, if I was there: would I feel drunk too?…would 21 greet me at a green light and I’d feel too young to be a child?…would I be drunk if my shopping cart were my suitcase?…if Japanese tourists were my neighbors 25 hours of the day?

My mother said the Mission was never on the city’s restoration list. “Bernal Heights had been checked off,” she told me, “Noe Valley; that was another lucky one.” I nodded, pressing my lips together.

Drained noise, from the insides of the passenger window. The graffiti was ashen, even the murals in the schoolyards. The million dollar apartments, stained with the profanity of strangers (all over garage doors and fire escapes).

We drove down Divisidero. “No traffic,” I said. Despite the construction and the minute hand pointing to rush hour. “The locals keep to the indoors on Wednesdays,” I suggested. Maybe the bachelor didn’t shave his beard. Maybe the hooker didn’t shave her legs. Maybe for once in everyone’s lives, the fog was telling them where to go. I must have been unfamiliar with where it was they were going.

I am astonished at a Golden Gate that would be so much as red if its towers weren’t rusted with the stop and go of foreclosure signs, empty storefronts, and singles protesting social injustice. He stopped us, a white man who brought up starving children and racism all in the same sentence. We were out to lunch, and we said we would come back. “Keep up the good work,” my mom whistled back from an adjoining block. We didn’t come back.

I had a twenty in my pocket—it wouldn’t take much to toss it in a guitar case or a plastic bucket. It wouldn’t take much, I said to myself, to read a cardboard sign that had “God Bless” scribbled in Sharpie. Give a hollow man my takeout. Anything.

But I didn’t. I walked those 3 blocks to the studio. I took class like I was back in Marin County, and I had clothes, and I had an identity that had more or less manifested itself into a journal for 4 or so years. So yes, I am capable of patting an untalented child on the back. I am capable of biting my brother’s arm if he’s watching too much TV. I learned strategically, however, that I cannot ride the MUNI without washing my hands 7 times over after I get off. I cannot stare at a pedestrian without saying that I’ve had a life-changing experience. I cannot observe that green-glass sea without imagining the bodies breathing un-hopefully at the bottom. I cannot live here. I can only look here.

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Perls: Personalized Reading Lists (PeRLs)

Not sure what to read next? books and mess

Why waste your time reading a book that doesn’t interest you? Let us make you a PeRL: a  list of books you are bound to love, based on your own interests, preferences, and/or strange curiosities.

Do you love books that take place at boarding school? Are you exclusively interested in Science Fiction, Manga, or survivalist memoirs? Whatever you are into, we can come up with a list of books guaranteed to keep you up until the wee hours of the morning.

A well-read librarian (me!) will create a personalized reading list for you, based on books, or even movies and T.V. shows you’ve loved.

Just contact me for an in-person appointment or answer a few questions here and I will get back to you with a list. Open to high school students and recent graduates only.

Adults interested in a personalized reading list, click here; kids in 4th-8th grade click here.

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