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MyCast: Your story, your voice, your podcast*

This fall, we are taking storytelling to the next level. With our
new MyCast program, high school students will write, edit,
record their stories, and share them with the world. Whether
through fiction, nonfiction, or poetry, we will help students
refine their pieces as well as record and upload them as our
inaugural MyCast podcast. The Podcast will be available for
download on iTunes as well as on the Library website. Space in
this exciting new program is limited and is open to high school
students only. Dates are listed below; please make sure you can
attend all the sessions before registering.
Writing and Editing: 10/18, 10/25: 1-3 PM
Intro to Podcasting and Recording:11/1, 11/8, 12:30-3:30 PM
Podcast mixing, editing, and uploading: 11/22, 11/29 at 1-3 PM
Teen Advisory Board Meetings: Thursdays––
Sept. 3rd, Oct. 15th, Nov 19th, Dec. 17th; 7 PM
Do you love the Library? Do you wish there were more
interesting things for high school students to do in Marin? Do
you want a say in what materials, programs, and services the
Library offers? Check out the Teen Advisory Board page on the
website and come to our first meeting in September!
October 10/1: Gender Bender; 7 PM
What is gender identity? What’s the deal with Caitlyn Jenner?
What’s the proper way to refer to a trans person? What’s
the difference between someone who is transgender and
transsexual? If I’m straight, do I really need to think about
gender identity? An expert in these issues will answer your
questions as well as talk about the history and current state of
the trans rights movement.
November 11/5: UnCollege: Self Directed Learning; 7 PM
Sure, you know how to study, but do you know how to learn?
Evert Villaseñor, a Program Specialist for UnCollege––a social
movement challenging the notion that college is the only
path to success–– will be visiting the library to talk to high
school students about self-directed learning. This talk will
highlight important skills for both students who want to go to
college and those who want to forge an independent path of
December 12/3: FanPop!; 7 PM
Dr. Who? Harry Potter? Supernatural? Taylor? (or maybe you just
really like designing things). Get down with your fan-person
self at this Fanpop night. We will have blank totes, shoes, and
other items for you to decorate for your next concert, Comic-
Con, holiday gifts, or just to add to your collection. For your
entertainment, Katie will also read a selection of the worst fan-
fiction the internet has to offer.
Late Night Study Halls: Monday December 14th-Thursday, December 17th; 9-11 PM
The Library stays open an extra two hours during exam week,
just for high school students who are studying for finals
Creative Writing Workshops: Wed. nights; 7 PM
These informal workshops offer the opportunity to explore
writing prose and poetry in a relaxed, fun environment.

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