First Thursday: FanPop! (pictures)

Thanks to everyone who came out for our FanPop! Night! Check out some of the great things that we made! FandJ1 fanpopgroup1 fanpopgroup2 inchoate snoop





Dr. Who? Harry Potter? Supernatural? (Or maybe you just really like decorating things). Get down with your Fan person self at this Fanpop night!

We will have blank totes, socks (hey, you wanted ’em), backpacks, and other items for you to decorate for your next concert, Comic-Con, holiday gifts, or just to add to your collection. Get crazy with fabric pens, glitter and take care of your holiday gifts all at the same time!

For your entertainment, Katie will also read a selection of the worst fan-fiction the internet has to offer. Food and beverages provided!

For high school students only.

Registration strongly recommended. Click here to register.


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