Reading Lists

Lists by Subject

Alphabet Soup: LGBTQ Books

Back to the Future (or other Times, Planets and Dimensions): Science Fiction

Bon Appetit: Books about Food

Brains for Dinner!: Zombie Books

A Dish Best Served Cold: Books about Revenge

Drop a Beat: Books on Music

Exercise Your Freedom to Read!: A Banned Books Reading List

The FUN (or lack thereof) in Dysfunctional: Books about Dysfunctional Families

Growing Pains: Books on Teenage Angst

Hey, What Happened?: Unusual Activity and Magical Realism

I Do NOT Want to Go to There: Dystopias

Just Say No: Books about Substance Abuse

Law and Order: Running from (or to) the Law

Learn Things: Nonfiction Books

Let’s Get Physical: Books about Athletics

Life Before Indoor Plumbing: Historical Fiction

Not All Who Wander Are Lost (but Some Are): Books about Travel, Adventure, and the Outdoors

Not Just for School: Classic Books

Oh Brother (or Sister)!: Books about Siblings

On the Fringe: Books about Outsiders

On the Silver Screen: Books Made into Movies

P.S. I Love You: Books with Romance

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Graphic Novels

Retold Tales: New Spins on Old Favorites

Sally and Other Animals are Cute (Most of the Time): Books about Animal/Human Relationships

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Letters, Diaries, Emails, Etc.

Spooky, Scary: Horror Books

True Story: Biographies and Memoirs

An Unexpected Education: Books on Boarding Schools

The Write Way: Books on Creative Writing

Who Done It?: Mystery Books

Yer a Wizard, ‘Arry: Fantasy Books

Young Adult Adventure Novels

Staff Lists

20 YA Literature Heroines (in response to Flavorwire’s Bonkers List)

Clara’s Picks

Lists by Location

Books Set in Antarctica

Books Set in Africa

Books Set in Europe

Books Set in the Middle East

Books Set in North America/Central America

Books Set in Oceania

Books Set in South America

OPL (Other Peoples’ Lists)

The Ms. Blog’s Best Feminist Non-Fiction Reads: Reader’s Choice¬†