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Catch A Falling Star by Kim Culbertson

Published April, 2014 by Point

304 pages

Carter Moon lives in Little, California. She likes Little’s littleness and she’s happy with her friends and her job at her dad’s café. Enter Hollywood. For about a month in the summer before her senior year, a big Hollywood film crew sets up camp on main street to film a Christmas movie…in July. Carter doesn’t pay them much attention, but most of the teenage girls are head over heals for the movie’s star, Adam Jakes. So when Adam’s manager approaches Carter and tries to hire her to play to part of Adam’s small town girlfriend for the duration of the movie shoot–a PR stunt to improve Adam’s image–Carter is inclined to dismiss him out of hand. But then he tells her just how much money she would be making and Carter decides that, in the best interest of her struggling family, she should go through with it.

This one decision opens up a whole new world in Carter’s backyard. With her whole relationship scripted, and Carter’s personal life splattered in People magazine, she can’t wait for the whole thing to be done with. But then she gets to know Adam and she doesn’t know what she can’t wait for anymore. This book was at some points laugh out loud funny and the plot was cute, though predictable. It was certainly cheesy, but I have a high tolerance for cheesy.

Through different peoples reactions to the spotlight, Catch a Falling Star explores different aspects of Hollywood and celebrity. Carter, who is very down to earth, finds herself caught up in the nonsense of it all, and she wonders a lot about what is so intriguing about fame and that much money. About why we read gossip magazine or care what our favorite stars eat for dinner. About how we can tell someone’s real self from the self they want us to see. This book is a good-but-not-great quick read that’s perfect for summer or a quiet weekend.

Genre: Summer Romance

Keywords: small town, celebrity, coming of age, family, stars

Best Quote: “Even Hobbits have to take adventures. That’s how they bring back stories to the Shire.”

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